British Paralympic Wheelchair Team


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April 2013 saw the British Paralympic Wheechair Squad come to Gran Canaria to train for the first time. Jenni Banks, head coach for wheelchair racing with British Athletics, brought 4 of Britain’s top athletes for a 12 day training stint to the tracks and roads of our island. Between these 4 athletes alone there were 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and a 4th & 5th place finish from the London Paralympic Games in 2012. Add to this 3 world records, 2 paralympic records and 2 european records from 100m to marathon…plus the London Wheelchair Marathon champion from 2012. PWWT organised all logistical aspects of this camp from accommodation to training facilities to transport and our ever present personal service in helping in everyway possible. Thank you very much to Jenni, Hannah, Mickey, Shelly, Steven, Cate and Karen for this wonderful experience.Page break PWWT Site