Helen & Siobhan


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Helen Corbett(Galway), 3 times a PWWT Training Camp attendee, was joined by new comer Siobhan O’Doherty(Tipperary) for a two week training camp in September 2012. Both athletes trained in a variety of venues on the island during the camp. Helen has showed incredible promise and consistency on the roads and track since she took up the sport in 2010. Winning National championships and been one of the fastest in the country in her masters categories from 1,500m right through to half marathon, Helen was in great company on this camp with Siobhan. A multi road and cross country champion from open events to National championships, Siobhan went on to win the prestigious Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin in 2013. A small yet just as important a camp as any we have had, we wish both athletes every success in their future running endeavors.Page break PWWT Site