Orla Drumm

Orla Drumm – Crusaders AC

”As a full time athlete, I was keen to get away from the wind and rain of Ireland. I stumbled upon Andrew’s website and decided to make contact. I was amazed at how positive, enthusiastic and efficient he was. All I had to do was book my flights and the rest was all put in place for me, from the airport pick-up, the accomodation, the provision of healthy food and the world class treatments Andrew gave me on a regular basis – all included at an extremely fair price. Even when I picked  up a small injury Andrew sorted me out with extra attention and I was back training in no time. It was quite incredible for me to come home from a hard 4 week training trip with my body in better shape than when I left. Professional warm weather training is professional in every sense of the word. I am indebted to Andrew, Maria and Danam for putting me in the best possible environment to optimize my winter training. Gran Canaria is a beautiful island and Andrew takes every opportunity to show you different trails and tracks and also to educate you on the foods produced there. Boarding the plane home to Ireland was the most difficult part, but I hope to return under Andrews tutelage soon.”

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Hazel Murphy

                                                                      Hazel Murphy – DSD AC

“I couldn’t recommend Andrew’s camp enough to athletes of all abilities. His professionalism towards training,treatment,recovery and nutrition will help any athlete improve and learn new ways to approach their training. His support and positivity trackside is what every athlete can benefit from. I left the camp in great shape physically and mentally and have Andrew to thank for it. Book a training stint with Professional Warm Weather Training now and experience it for yourself”


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rob 3

Rob Cross – Crusaders AC

“I’ve been to many Athletic training camps but Andrew’s setup is quiet unique because he focuses on a holistic approach to training by encompassing Quality Track Sessions, Trail/Beach Recovery  Runs, Gym/Core Session Workouts with Diet, Rest, and Sports Massage Treatment along injury prevention clinics all in a totally relaxed and fun environment and let’s not forget the warm weather at an affordable price. I’ve already pencilled Andrew’s Training Camp on to my training calendar for next year”



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paul robinson

                                                Paul Robinson – St. Cocoa’s AC

Hi my name is Paul Robinson; I spent three weeks in Andrew Walker’s warm weather camp in Gran Canaria at the start of January. In my short athletic career I have never benefited from a camp as I have working with Andrew. This camp was a crucial factor in my winter training. The way Irish winters are going, it is common that you spend a week or two running on treadmills because of snow. This camp, where we enjoyed 20 plus degrees everyday helped us get some quality work done without having to train in sub-zero temperatures. Facility wise there were a lot of great tracks and trails that were available to us. We did workouts on four different tracks, a 1k loop (measured every 25 mtrs with markers) which was ideal for 1k, mile and AT workouts. There were also endless trails across the island with good terrain and beautiful scenery. We had access to a gym and also enjoyed core workouts and stretching sessions on the beaches where we were staying. We also benefitted greatly from the treatment we received from Andrew. Andrew being an athlete knows the sort of treatment that athletes want. Andrew who has had his fair share of injuries knows the importance of looking after your body and this is an important factor which he brings to the camp. Andrew has treated some of the best athletes in the world and knows how to give one hell of a massage!

The camp also focuses importantly on the other side of running. We had all organic food supplied to us for the duration of our stay. This consisted of fresh fruit and veg and also many grains that I had never heard of before but was curious to learn. I learnt important factors about food and also learned how to cook properly as we all took a night where we had to cook for 11 hungry athletes. ( No pressure!) This camp is like no other I have experienced because of the guidance of Andrew. Andrew has worked with the best in the world all over the world and knows exactly what it takes to make a great camp which is evident in Gran Canaria. I learned a lot and gained a lot from this training camp and will be definitely back again.Page break PWWT Site


Fiona Roche – Raheny Shamrocks AC

“Getting to experience life as a full time athlete in Gran Canaria was a truly positive experience in so many different ways. Andrew’s enthusiasm and positive attitude have a habit of rubbing off and without a doubt my trip made a massive contribution to all the PB’s I’ve gotten since coming home. I have been running with Raheny Shamrocks for about 18 months now so would still consider myself relatively new to the world of competitive running. Spending two weeks with Andrew taught me a great deal about being an athlete and also showed me that there is still so much more to learn. The holistic approach he takes to training really appealed to me and we learned much more than just how to run hard. Andrew places a huge emphasis on diet and nutrition, if we don’t put good fuel into our bodies how can we expect good performances. He taught us how to be adventurous with different food types and I have tried to keep experimenting since I’ve come home!

Over the course of my two weeks I found the quality of my training improved drastically, my sessions got noticeably faster and my steady runs were steadier! The benefits of proper recovery, nutrition and Andrew’s treatments were blatantly apparent every time I put my runners on. Even the simple things like the perfect weather, exploring different routes, finding new limits, meeting like-minded people and some absolutely amazing scenery made the whole experience so enjoyable and reminded me of the reasons why I love being a runner. I’ll definitely be going back!”Page break PWWT Site

                                      Kevin Moriarty – Raheny Shamrocks ACKevin Moriarty

”The Professional Warm Weather Training in Gran Canaria really brought it home to me what it is that I love about the athletics. A group of athletes training hard, encouraging and learning from one another, all with the common goal of being the best athlete they can be. There was great camaraderie and crack, with everybody feeding off each other. The weather was beautiful and it was a joy to train with the other lads. I learned so much about nuitrition, strength and conditioning and the mental side of being successful as a runner. I have returned to Ireland with great enthusiam for training and a new found confidence in my ability. I would encourage any athlete who is keen to learn and meet new people to avail of the chance to go to Gran Canaria.”


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Daire for Website

Dáire Birmingham – Raheny Shamrocks AC

At the professional warm weather training camp you are guaranteed to receive a combination of  the appropriate facilities, sunshine, a pure and healthy diet, personalized treatment, and everything else needed to run fast!

Its all in the name really, with Andrew’s experience and passion for the sport you will be surrouned by profesionalism, you will most likely wake to sunshine every morning, and with all that you should get in some fantastic training.

Theres no where else in Europe that can offer the year round Sunshine that gran Canaria has to offer, particularly in the winter!Page break PWWT Site